Q: Is free?

A: You don't have to pay anything for the website or any of the games. So, we will never ask you for money.

Q: Can you always win a game of Solitaire?

A: If we calculate how many combinations can be created with the 52 standard cards, we arrive at the dizzyingly huge number of 80 unvigintillion, which is an 8 followed by 67 zeroes. In theory, a computer can win 79 percent of these. Your average single player will win around 50 percent of these games. There is also a very small chance that you can't do anything at all, since 1 out of 400 deals are unplayable, which means it's completely impossible to make the first step.

Q: Who created the Solitaire card games?

A: Most of the games were created by us personally (GameBoss), while others were created by external companies that have granted us permission to use these games. If you find an interesting game that you can't find on our website, we would be pleased as punch if you could send us a message with a link to the game.

Q: Can I play these games on my phone and/or tablet?

A: Absolutely! Open our site on a phone, tablet, TV, PC or laptop, and you'll see that all card games work perfectly on them. The website itself is responsive too, so it will always adapt to the device you are currently using. If you have a device on which a certain game doesn't work (properly), please let us know so we can do something about it immediately.

Q: Are the online Solitaire games secure?

A: We guarantee that they are 100% trustworthy and secure. In the old days, many games were created using Adobe's Flash software. The problem was that this slowed down websites and that the games could be vulnerable to malware. Everything on our site is created in HTML5, the current standard. HTML5 is secure and super fast, since all large corporations like Apple, Microsoft and Google immediately accepted HTML5 on and it has become completely impenetrable. Our site is also encrypted using https, which means that the data being exchanged between the player and our site is fully encrypted.

Q: What do I do if a particular game doesn't work?

A: Our Solitaire card games have been tested many times and should all work properly, but it's always possible that something goes wrong. If you get a black screen or the game won't load at all, try the following steps:

1: Make sure the latest version of the game is loaded using the key combination SHIFT + CTRL + DELETE, pressing all keys at once and then following the menu (Mac: COMMAND + OPTION + E).

2: Still having problems? Try updating your browser. It is possible that you have a very old version. You can usually do this in the top right-hand corner of the browser by clicking on settings.

3: Check which operating system you're using. Our games can sometimes have problems on systems that are made for Windows XP (2001) or Mac OS X 10.1.

4: Can't get it to work at all? Contact us so we can fix it together!